22 May 2011

Anime Weekly 11

Another week, another crazy episode of Nichojou. Didn't have time to watch any anime until the weekend, so this post will be a bit later than usual. Pleasantly surprised to see that this week was better than the last few weeks for most of these shows. Or perhaps it's just that I'm just hungry for some entertainment after a long, stressful week.

Nichijou 7(*)
Dolph's epic fail was EPIC. Overall, this episode wasn't as funny as the last one, but the first skit before the OP was so damn funny that it was totally worth it! The dialogue, the characters, and even the animation was funny! It's so sad that the rest of the episode, and the rest of the series can't match up to some of these great moments. I know many people who will write this off as having too few good jokes (and I would agree), but those few good ones are really one of a kind. The only moments in anime I can compare this to is Gag Manga Biyori. If you haven't seen that, go find it somehow (probably can find remnants of it on Youtube) and watch it! Guaranteed to have you ROFLing in seconds.

Hanasaku Iroha 7
It's cool to see side characters like Tomoe get more screen time. This episode was certainly good fun, which pretty much sums up with initial impression of Tomoe anyway. I wonder if they will do this with every character at the inn. Perhaps we will see "Bean man" getting a back story too?? At the rate this is going, I can see P.A. works throwing us into a Maeda-Jun-style crying fit with the closure of the inn or something similarly dramatic. Build up is always nice, but it still needs a little something to tie things together. We might be getting that next week, with, maybe, the arrival of Ohana's beloved Ko-chan! Thank you P.A. Works! m(_ _)m

Steins;Gate 7
Things are getting REALLY interesting! Our lead character will be starting to feel very lonely and isolated soon as he seems to be the only one who can remember what happened in the different "World Lines". As usual, Mayuri is awesome, while "Christina's" mildly tsundere attitude continues to entertain. I said last week that I didn't like Moeka, and this week didn't do much to change my opinion. Seriously, she hardly does anything this episode! I have no idea what role she plays at this point, other than being part of our protagonist's harem.

AnoHana 6(*)
If you asked me for one reason why I love AnoHana, I would say that it is the characters. Every week you see them grow ever so slightly, and so naturally. Jintan attempts to go to school again, and ultimately fails. But he performed admirably, standing up for a friend by drawing all the attention back to himself. Now it's even harder for him to go back and face his classmates, but I feel that he has grown and gained so much courage in the process. Most of the time, you don't really know what is going to happen in the next episode of AnoHana. That idyllic feel, drifting through life not knowing what to do, seem to personify some of these characters (Jintan and Menma more prominently than others) and I guess characterizes this series as a whole. But eventually everyone will get out of this slump and move on with life. I bet my muffins on it.

Denpa Onna to Seishun Otoko 6(*)
This has been building up for some time, but we finally get some movement in the romance front! We delve into Ryuushi's mind this episode as she narrates for the most part, giving us some insight on her feelings for Niwa. Moreover, Meme managed to completely blow her cover and revealing it to Niwa (through Ryuushi's surprised reaction). Ryuushi is still cute, Erio is still cute, this whole damn show is cute. They need to make more Denpa Onna merchandise for me to fawn over and perhaps buy a few ^.^; Can't wait to see the situation next week!

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