15 May 2011

Anime Weekly 10

I've decided to stop blogging Ao no Exorcist, and perhaps even stop watching it if I don't have the time. C and Deadman Wonderland might be continued next week. Seems like I'm going through Anime burnout and just can't get myself to watch most of them. The only ones I was excited to watch this week was Hanasaku Iroha, Nichijou, Steins;Gate, AnoHana, and Denpa Onna. 5 series is a decent amount to blog so... onward!

Hanasaku Iroha 6
This series doesn't have a lot of fan service, but when it does, 90% of them involve Nako. I've already complained last week about how I don't enjoy the current format, but I'll let it slide this episode since we get to see Ohana and Nako in china dresses (>.<)b  Seriously though, I think I might be getting used to this format. It isn't so bad, considering this is a 26 episode series. There's no need to rush. But I wish to see more Ko-chan!

Steins;Gate 6
Things seem to be picking up a little. Well, maybe a lot. They actually tested and found out the conditions and restrictions of their so-called time machine! Hearing Kyouma spout nonsense and teasing/bullying Mikase is a joy to watch as usual. The thing that surprised me was the return of quick cuts and a weird dream sequence. Finally, Steins;Gate is getting weird again! I guess most of this has to do with the original story (which the producers probably won't modify), but it does help in building an atmosphere of mystery and weirdness. Oh, and I don't really like Moeka. She isn't really moe...

AnoHana 5(*)
Possibly the best episode so far. It made me tear up at the beginning and at the end. The characters of AnoHana are all so twisted and yet realistic. Each have their own problems, but they aren't too extreme in any particular way, which makes a peaceful resolution possible. I like how they talk things out and how Tsuruko can remain calm (but still has a secret weakness!). Even the ever-positive Poppo can hurt Menma sometimes. Everyone is flawed, but someone is always there to point it out. They understand each other's pain so well. But as good as this all is, I'm really looking forward to an "explosive" moment of drama that will undoubtedly be in the climax of this series. I remember watching the part in Toradora where Taiga fights with Sumire and then Kitamura apologizes to Sumire with tears in his eyes. My hair stood on ends and the tears just kept on flowing. Amazing animation, amazing music, amazing atmosphere. This type of climax needs a good build up, and I'm sure AnoHana will be able to achieve that.

Denpa Onna to Seishun Otoko 5
Ahhhhhh! Twintails Erio kawaiii~!!!! *ahem* Besides the obvious cute moments with Erio and Ryuushi, Denpa Onna pushes forward with Erio's re-integration with society. Honestly though, nothing much happens, but I won't complain. I'm thoroughly enjoying the characters right now and the awesome drawings by Shaft. Hints of story shown here and there (such as Meme's melancholy) are enough to keep my interest in this series. Sure, it's not a classic, but it's goddamn enjoyable.

Nichijou 6(*)
I'm so glad I gave Nichijou a chance to shine! The characters are not as memorable as Lucky Star's, but the humour here is so random and freaking funny! In particular, the deer wrestling (in Street Fighter IV's paintbrush style no less), Shiritori game (Engrish indeed), and camping trip skits were really up there among the funniest moments in Anime for me. The animation is no slouch either, with random explosions and epic fight scenes, you'll wonder why KyoAni won't just go all out and make an original and expensive shounen epic. This show has been pretty hit or miss so far, but when it hits, it hits like a deer ramming into your gut, Ultra-combo style.

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