19 Nov 2006

PS3 starts World War 3

I'm in a hurry, so I'll just keep it short and sweet.

9 armed robberies. 2 shot. 1 stabbed. Several injured in fights. All for what? PS3. This just goes to show how popular the Playstation brand is. And the kind of audience it attracts. Hardcore console gamers rush to get their console while others rush into one of the easiest Get-Rich schemes ever. As for right now, a PS3 has been sold on eBay at US$15000. That's a profit of US$14400!

In all this craziness, a small, much calmer queue starts forming in front of NYC's Toys "R" Us and the Nintendo World store. Perhaps it's just because of the abundant supply that has calmed Nintendo fans. I have to say though, Nintendo has been doing a pretty good job generating hype. They are even asking everyone to buy a Wii whenever you have a chance to, as demand is suspected to exceed supply. This doesn't seem like the case though. The queues currently at game stores around US are rather short compared to those of the Playstation 3 launch. Nintendo is simply trying to generate demand for their console... this could be make or break for them. In fact, this generation of consoles are all living very dangerously on the edge. M$ might not continue if the Xbox brand fails to take off this time too. And Sony is placing a huge bet on the expensive PS3. Nintendo, being the only Game-only company out of the 3, will not survive for long if they don't succeed.

Please don't let Nintendo become the next SEGA!

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