21 Nov 2006

Wii Report 1

So the Nintendo Wii has launched in America. Now what?

For the next few days or so, I will compile a report on all that is known about Nintendo's new console and also some information for those in Singapore who wish to buy it. All of these posts would be labeled "Wii Report", so just click on the link at the end of this entry to view all related posts.

In this first report, I will only cover some basic questions about the Wii.

Firstly, what the hell is a Wii??? It's Nintendo's latest console in this current-gen console war. It's small, cheap (US$250) and filled with fun. Created with non-gamers in mind, Nintendo set out to create a product that would be family-orientated and easy to pick up and play. They did this by creating a compact, quiet console that does not consume a lot of power and presenting the controls on a remote that fans affectionately call, the Wii-mote.

This motion-sensing controller paved the way for more intuitive games that doesn't require complex button presses. Who can't forget the overly-excited kid that tilts the controller whenever he has to make a sharp turn in a racing game. Now, this action of tilting actually turns the vehicle. Nintendo has successfully made a controller that is so simple to use, even little kids can pull off a nice sharp turn in Excite Truck. Together with the Nunchuk extension, the control scheme of the Wii is made to appeal to a large range of audience.

Of course, not all games would require you sweat it out as you swing and thrust you Wii-mote to victory. The developers for the Wii version of Super Smash Brother said that it might not make use of the Wii controller's motion-sensing technology at all within the game. Metal Slug for the Wii has 7 different control schemes, ranging from ones that make use of the Nunchuk or Wii-mote exclusively, to ones that requires only button presses. Virtual Console games (NES, SNES, SEGA Genesis etc) require the use of the classic control scheme too. Gamecube users can plug in their Gamecube controllers for such games.

OK. That's it for the basics. Check back later tonight for technical specs and games!

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