17 Nov 2006

Wii delays

No, the console is still slated to release on 19 November in US. The console and games are coming on time, as planned. However, some factors are going to delay the whole Wii experience.

Firstly, Nintendo has stated that the News and Weather channels on the Wii will not be ready on launch day. The weather channel will be up by 20 December and the News channel in January 2007. Worst of all, the Opera internet browser will not be ready till further notice...

Even before the console is released, component cables for the Wii (essential for 480p output) has been sold out at the Official Nintendo online store. Next shipment arriving in late November.

OK, so these are just minor problems. Console release not pushed back; Large library of games available at launch; Abundant number of consoles available; A perfect launch? Hardly. It's still one of the best console launches in recently history though.

So what am I complaining about? I WANT WII NOW!!! No! I NEED WII NOW!!!

Ever since I heard the name "Revolution", I was hooked. Amidst talks to HD-era gaming and mouth-watering graphics, Nintendo stepped up and said NO TO HD. That certainly caught my attention. Moreover, at that time I had just purchased a Gameboy Advance SP and was slowly understanding what Nintendo meant by gameplay over graphics. Then the DS came along and broke all sales records. That was the defining moment. That was the moment I said "If Nintendo can pull off something like that for their home consoles, they are gonna be successful." Next came the confusing moment when Nintendo revealed its controller and named its console "Wii". First reaction: "WTF??!". But after a while, the idea grew onto me. I started to see the numerous possibilities the Wii-mote could unlock. Will the Nintendo revolutionize and revitalize gaming yet again?

Less than 48 hours to go.

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