16 Dec 2011

VocaFarre!!-Act 0-

The VocaFarre!!-Act 0- event was streamed live on Nico Nico from the NicoFarre live hall in Roppongi, Tokyo this afternoon. It served as a press event to introduce some new Yamaha-created characters to the Vocaloid v3 software suite, as well as a demonstration of the already-released core Vocaloid v3 software (they did a quick demonstration of Cutie Honey's OP). Note that the most famous vocaloid v1 (Meiko, Kaito) and v2 (Miku, Rin, Len, Luka) characters were all Crypton Media's creations, not Yamaha's. While IA isn't exactly one of those new characters introduced today, I think it was the best voice pack among all the v3 voices so far.

Singer-songwriter Lia provided the voice for this particular vocaloid. Since she famously sang Air's OP, it was IA's first demo.

2nd demo: "Boy disliked was the Classroom". Quite a nice song too.

3rd demo: "Headphone Actor". A fast-tempo addictive song ^.^

Tori no Uta was probably used as a reference to tweak the voice recordings, leading it to sound so natural. Still, I'm loving this voice already and can't wait for other producers to get their hands on it when it releases on 27 January 2012!

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