12 Feb 2012

Nisemonogatari 6

Nisemonogatari continues to be one of the best-looking shows I've ever seen. Bakemonogatari set that bar really high, and Nisemonogatari managed to match it.

The designs in this show is just amazing... a high-ceiling bedroom with a semi-circle bed floating in the middle, accessible by a glass spiral staircase, supported by thin metal poles (or cables).

This Save Point joke was just random...

The kind of foreshadowing that Ano Natsu used in episode 5.

Totally made fun of. LOL

Lots of Senjougahara-tore [戦場ヶ原蕩れ] this episode!

Tsundere-chan showing her submissive side. It's hard to tell how much of what she is saying is true... Is there a side to Hanekawa we have yet to see? Hope this gets resolved by the end of the season!

The wind is blow towards the direction Shinobu is pointing, so how the hell did she sense the smell coming from there?? I know I know, this is anime.

Ka ka! Really love the voice acting for Shinobu-chan! Sakamoto Maaya is doing an excellent job, as always.

At this point, Nisemonogatari seems to be heading towards a climax. They could be ending this arc next week, but I could also see them stretching it out for the rest of the season. Hopefully it will be the former... I want to see the next arc animated!

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