15 Feb 2012

Ano Natsu de Matteru 6

Beach episode! Kanna silently yelling "YES!" probably reflected my feelings quite well.

To say this isn't your typical anime beach episode would be a lie. Its pretty much what you would expect. The only difference here is that this show has made me so invested in these characters that I simply enjoyed watching them have fun.

They stir things up a bit with the introduction of Kaito's elementary school friend, Kinoshita. Not too sure what her motive is... but I don't think its that straightforward. LOL @ Kanna and Ichika's shock expression.

And LOL again @ Kanna and Ichika's expressions. Kaito is dead.

Kinoshita's friend, Arisawa Chiharu, is a real meat eater... But then...

Mio to the rescue. A couple of things here. Firstly, that Rinon scene seems to suggest something interesting... perhaps some damage to the spaceship? Secondly, Mio's secret is out of the bag. She reveals to Kanna that she can't sleep well with clothes on, and Tetsurou catches her... with her pants down. Literally.

A thoroughly enjoyable episode, but it lacked focus or the same dramatic flare of the previous episodes. Still, this episode kind of solved the mystery of Mio's nakedness... kind of. Hopefully Kinoshita helps to move the story forward or develop Kaito's character further.

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Darren said...

We can clearly see which character Vic like most.

I thought, what might had happened is rinon accidently summon the spaceship.