18 Feb 2012

Elsie de Lute Irma (Nendoroid)

It's been nearly 1 year since my last proper figurine photoshoot post, but now it's back better than ever! A light box and 3 lamps can do wonders... Be sure to click on them for larger version.

The fire-truck-loving demon in her cutest ever incarnation! Her numerous SD/chibi appearances in the manga and anime makes her a perfect candidate for the Nendoroid form. Don't believe it? I'll prove it!

Elsie sitting in a European-style cafe, drinking... green tea? Sorry Elsie, I don't have a left-handed bass for you. I'm sure Chihiro doesn't mind a cute red-Fender-mustang-playing member in 2-B Pencils ^.^

Nagato lent Elsie her coat and scarf since she is already wearing a cardigan. Aww~...

Nagato seems a little suspicious about the green tea though... Meanwhile, Elsie is as oblivious as ever.

Elsie trying to serve tea but got frightened by the 2 cats! Azu-nyan #2 and Shamisen? Seems like Azu-nyan has a boyfriend. Hmm...

That's it for the first instalment of the newly revitalized Figurines category on The Visual Medium! We try to put quality before quantity in these posts, so hope you enjoy them!

Photos by Darren and Vic. Feel free to use these photos, but please link back to us ^.^

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