20 Mar 2011

Danboard Revoltech

(No Anime Weekly this week due to delays for Madoka and Star Driver broadcasts)
Got him for $38 when Hobby Search finally restocked. This is the regular revoltech edition. There are about 101 different versions of Danboard out there with various corporate logos, the most sought after being the Amazon.jp version (same as the one in the Yotsuba! manga). The prices for that version is skyrocketing due to its small run and is unlikely to be re-released.

The box is cleverly designed, keeping with the whole cardboard theme. The top part of the box even had holes cut out and covered with plastic for the eyes and mouth. Anyway, without further ado! Photos:

The glowing LED eyes are a nice touch, but I worry about the battery leaking and ruining the figure (^.^;) Overall a nice figure to play with. Weirdly enough, its limited facial emotions give it a lot of personality. I tried to bring that out in these photos, but I don't think it was that good (^.^;). Go look here and here for some cool danbo photos (and really cool video in the 2nd link). Next batch of figurine photos will be something more recent (released late January 2011), and then some older ones which I haven't taken photos of (Konata, Layton, Nagato witch ver.). Hope to do more of this soon! (^.^)/

All photos taken by me (vic), with a Panasonic LX5

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