14 Aug 2010

Peeping thru a keyhole

Anyone else used Keyhole TV before? It's a cool little P2P app that allows people to stream TV shows and radio. Lots of people in Japan stream stuff on it for gaijin like us to watch outside of Japan.

From what I've sampled so far, the sound is not in sync and video quality is... quite terrible. Worse than Youtube. But it's serviceable if you are just there to listen to radio programmes, watch wacky commercials, or random variety shows.

Sampled a stream of TBS this afternoon:
Shoko-tan on a variety show! And what is she doing...

Bursting a balloon using electricity shooting out of chainmail gloves.

I think she was quoting Star Wars' Emperor Palpatine when she did this. Shoko-tan, always the lovable nerd/geek/otaku!

To watch, go here: Keyhole TV (English) and download  Keyhole TV (NOT Keyhole Video!). Make sure to download the update/fix too and apply that to get version 3.14.

Edit: For those who don't know anime otaku Shoko Nakagawa (aka Shoko-tan), here are some videos to get you acquainted with her.

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