16 Jul 2010

HIGHSCHOOL OF THE DEAD (Anime) Impressions

Format: TV Series, 13 X 22 minutes
Studio: Madhouse
Potential: 3-4 stars
Summary: Madhouse has brought out some of their best animators to make this a visual feast! The story is wonderfully cheesy and ecchi scenes are aplenty. Great entertainment value, but can this stretch for 13 episodes?

Boy likes Girl, but Girl likes Boy's best friend. Zombies attack and Boy saves Girl.

The premise for this show is ridiculous, but awesomely cheesy. You can tell that the Director was aiming for a show that takes itself too serious to the point where it becomes really fun to watch. At first sight, the character design and general premise just sounds like a random ecchi series with zombies thrown in. However, the manga which the show was adapted from has been running on and off since 2006 with quite a few fans, so there has to be something in there that appeals to them.

Madhouse has put their best animator into this show. Right from the start, it is nearly non-stop action in very dynamic scenes. It's no wonder that the director for this series is Tetsuro Araki, the man who made the act of writing a name on a notebook look epic (Death Note). I have no doubts that this quality will continue, and the action will continue to entertain, but without a smart story (again, like what Death Note had), this could just become a mindless show.

But I don't think people who watch this show expect any thought-provoking moments, so let's just let loose and enjoy the ride...

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