3 Apr 2010

Is this the Nintendo 3DS' screen?

Why would Nintendo announce the 3DS just days before the launch of the DSi XL? Some theorized that it might have been because their suppliers might be making an announcement soon. A few days after that, Sharp announced their new 3.4 inch 3D screen (using parallax barrier technology, so no 3D-glasses needed) for mobile phones, smart phones, cameras, and GAME DEVICES.

Additionally, these screens are able to switch between 3D and 2D modes, making it a candidate for playing DS and DSi games. Newspapers in Japan had reported that Nintendo is partnering Sharp and Hitachi for its screen.

All this sounds wayyyy too logical to me, but until we get official confirmation at E3 2010, don't get your hopes up. Getting a real 3D screen might mean a huge hit on our wallets :(

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