9 May 2010

The many faces of blogging

One could argue that blogs are just simplified websites. You don't really have "pages", you just have a bunch of posts. People who did not want to deal with HTML and site design now have a quick and simple way to create a personalised website.

Then came Twitter, which was like blogging, but in super small chunks. It works well because the character limit for Twitter is about the same as a single SMS. It has a multitude of applets (I think that's what they are called?) that extends the usefulness of Twitter. Twitgoo allows you to easily upload photos. Twitlonger circumvents the 140 character limit.

Last, but not least, there's Tumblr, the bastard child of Twitter and Blogs. It's been called "micro-blogging", but I think you can just call it a "stand alone" version of Twitlonger. I've tried it a bit and I like what I see. Seems like I'll be moving away from Twitter and relying on the Blogger-Tumblr combo for all my blogging needs.


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