6 Apr 2010

Final Final Fantasy

Today, I played FFXIII for the last time.

Until my exams are over of course.

Right now, I'm about 24 hours into the game. Since my last report about the game, I have gone from loving it to hating it, back and forth, several times. Why? Because at times you control the Sazh/Vanille party, severely limiting your battle strategies. Whenever they switch your control over to the Light/Hope/Fang team, the action gets hectic again, in a fun way. At my current save point, a display popped up, telling me that I can finally choose my battle team and leader! This whole 24 hours, the game has felt like one long, extended tutorial, introducing new mechanics one at a time, every hour or so.

It was so frustratingly boring at times that I almost wanted to give up on the game. And then they throw me into an almost-impossible fight of 3 VS 5 (+1 boss-like enemy).

At that point my obsessiveness takes over and I stubbornly try over and over again to defeat them without cheating (using a item to sneak up on them)...

And that is why I must stop playing this game for now and concentrate on studying.

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