9 Mar 2010



Shall not talk about how I stopped blogging for so long.

Instead, let's talk about Final Fantasy XIII ^_^

Having played the Japanese demo that came with the Advent Children Blu ray bundle, I'm really looking forward to the new battle system. English dubs aside, this game looks and sounds great so far, though it has been getting less-than-stellar reviews from the Western press (averaging about 80/100). Either way, I know I will enjoy the game, for I am a hungry wolf. A hungry wolf hungry for some JRPG. After the utterly disappointing Eternal Sonata, I don't think it'll take much for FFXIII to whet my appetite.

I will be collecting the game later this afternoon and then playing a bit of it before posting my thoughts on the first 1 hour or so of the game by tonight.

Every Tuesday from now on, I will blog about my progress in Final Fantasy XIII as I play it. Expect about 2 hours worth of gameplay per week (I know, I'm a slow gamer). Hopefully this will re-ignite my interest in blogging about games and technology =)

Let me know if you like what you've read by commenting in the chat box =)

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