11 Oct 2008

Net Crawl: Mega Dump Oct 08

Haven't done a Net Crawl for a long time and my Bookmark's "temp" folder is BLOATED.

Well, here are some links that I think are still interesting/relevant.


  • Heard of the Microsoft Surface? No? Go Google it! Done? Ok, now watch the parody.
    - Microsoft Surface parody
  • What does the Golden Ratio have to do with music? Apparently, a lot. Christian from The Tanooki analyzes classic Zelda tunes and finds out how mathematically beautiful it is...
    - Zelda Music of Golden Proportions
  • Hoping to work in the IT industry? Read this first!
    - Asia IT Salary Benchmarks
  • Mind control! Or rather, using your mind as a controller. Advances in brain wave reading technology is slowly making mind controller games a reality. In the case of Second Life, this type of technology can literally let a paralyzed person live out a second life.
    - Second Life
    - Emotiv's Epoc Controller
    - How mind controlled games will change gaming
  • Here's an interesting article about Techies that have brought shame to Techies all around the world by doing internal hacking.
    - The Techie Hall of Shame
  • What's this? The best MMO at E3 2008 is a kids game?? Well, at least one editor at kotaku.com thinks so. This MySpace-esque MMO has WoW-level polish with low system requirements and an easy installation and sign up process. Blending typical MMO gameplay (level grind on monsters solo or with friends) with mini games (think Diner Dash) and you might have a winning combination for everyone in the family. Club Penguin beware! I'm keeping an eye out on this one.
    - Free Realms
  • For those interested in how the game industry is doing. Boring charts to everyone else.
    - Top 20 Publishers
  • Bored? Like, really really bored? GamesRadar has a huge list of free games for you to try out! I recommend Warning Forever.
    - 365 Free Games
  • This article might be a little outdated by now, but it is interesting nonetheless. Now all I need is find some space and US$600 lying around to build a HTPC...
    - Sub-$600 Blu-ray PC
  • The Russian-Georgian conflict happened in cyberspace too you know. An example of how information warfare has evolved and some insight on how the notorious Russian Business Network seems to have links to the Russian Government...
    - Russian attacks Georgia... online
  • Irritated by Vista's UAC? Then you might be interested in what Symantec is testing out now.
    - Norton UAC
  • Firefox not fast enough for you? You could try Google Chrome. Or you could "simply" tweak Firefox to work faster!
    - 8 Firefox hacks
  • Forget about Larrabee, Sandy Bridge, or even the still far off Haswell. Intel talks about shape-shifting programmable matter which would probably revolutionize the whole manufacturing and IT industry! THIS is the future.
    - Programmable Matter
  • And last, but not least, a fresh rumour! Yummy! Apple is said to be preparing to release a US$800 notebook. Not exactly competing with netbooks like Asus' Eee PC, but still priced competitively to cause a stir in the low-end notebook market.
    - $800 Macbook?

Had a lot more goodies tucked away, but unfortunately most of them are outdated or simply don't interest me anymore. Anyway, I'll be doing more Net Crawls in the future though you will be seeing less game-related links (due to me not reading much Kotaku anymore). Comments, as always, are welcomed.

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