17 Nov 2008

PS3 Buy Sell Trade

Renewed my sucky Starhub MaxOnline contract to get a PS3!
First things first: Sell the crapware, buy/trade used games, sell games once done. Wash, rinse, repeat.

First game I bought? LittleBigPlanet! Impressions to come soon...


Resistance Fall Of Man: $30 (sealed)
Sega Superstars Tennis: $25 (sealed)


Uncharted Drakes Fortune: $35
Soul Calibur 4: $35
Metal Gear Solid 4: $45
Eternal Sonata: offer me a reasonable price

Alternatively, I'm willing to trade Resistance and Sega Superstars Tennis for MGS4.

I got the 2 games with the Starhub MaxOnline PS3 offer. Both are still sealed.

Deals can be done at AMK/Hougang/Serangoon mrt or in town area


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