6 Nov 2006

Cutting Down

My first game-related post and I'm gonna talk about Next-Gen.... lol.

They made huge promises, and now they're starting to cut back. I'm talking about Sony here. In order to release the PS3 at a reasonable price point (and I would prove why it is reasonable later on), they have decided to remove many hardware components. I can't exactly remember what they removed at the moment, but lets just say they did not deliver everything they promised. And don't get me started on the PS3 controller. That thing is a joke! Basically a PS2 controller with a over-sensitive gyroscope and no vibration.

With so few PS3s available at launch, I'm sure it will all be sold out and hence generate free publicity and pseudo-demand for the console. However, I must say that the PS3 is getting more attractive to me. A Blu-ray player for just US$599? I'm in! The Xbox360 sells at US$399 for the premium package. The HD-DVD player for the 360 costs US$199. 199 + 399 = US$598. Pay one dollar more for a console that has superior graphics, FFXIII and MGS4? Unless M$ makes a move soon to lower the price of the 360 this holidays (or surprise us with the launch of Halo 3 for this christmas), I foresee the Playstation brand overtaking Xbox once again. *sigh* They never learn...

According to the Wii countdown timer on Gamespot, 13 more days till the Americans can play with their Wiis. Singaporeans, however, are gonna have to wait just a little while more. Maxsoft, the local distributor for Nintendo products, will be bringing in the Wii in late December/January. While this is a good sign of Maxsoft finally getting their act together and bringing in new hardware quick, it also gives me a major headache... SHOULD I WAIT FOR LOCAL RELEASE? OR SHOULD I JUST IMPORT A SET FROM US? I guess I should at least wait till my exams are over on the 24th before doing some research and making a decision...

Time to cut down on spending or I would not be able to buy Wii.

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