4 Oct 2006

You look so fine to me

Add a Samsung 19-inch HD-capable LCD TV to my list of tech toys.

My Pentium 4 system (2.8GHz C Class Processor, 1GB DDR RAM, Sapphire 9600XT 128MB) has been down since I started using a laptop and ignored it. Lol... The Samsung CRT monitor's spoilt, the DVD ROM and CD-RW Drives mysteriously eject at the most inconvenient times and the power supply is struggling to keep up with my usage (having a firewire device, a USB device, and both drives running at the same time would cause the system to crash). BUT, now with the new monitor, my interest in the P4 system has increased and I think I might buy a DVD writer, speakers, Creative X-Fi sound card and 430W power supply. Knowing myself, I'll probably just get the DVD writer and do a clean format to get the system into a workable state in the end.

Halo Wars looks sweeeet!

MGS4: was that young solid snake at the end of the trailer?

All is quiet on the Wii front... I hope things go smoothly...
Maxsoft is gonna distribute the Wii in Singapore, but it's official release might come later in the year or even next year. On the other hand, local game shop G3 is taking preorders now for the US version of the Wii. Hmm......

OMG the new iPod shuffle is freaking small!

Now that I have emptied my brain of all tech and game-related thoughts...... back to studying!

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