6 Nov 2006

State of Gaming: Gears or Halo?

I've just seen Gamespot's On the Spot video (2 November) . Firstly, let me say that I'm all for better gameplay even if some graphical quality has to be sacrificed... With that out of the way...

Gears of War (X360) looks wicked!

And Ridge Racer 7 (PS3) is simply stunning!

Graphics aside, both games seem to play really well; Ridge Racer with its arcade-style of crazy drift racing and Gears of War's 3rd-person shaky-camera shooter.

Gears of War really got me thinking: Will Halo 3 still be the Xbox360 system-seller that M$ claims it to be? After all, as quoted from Bill Gates himself, Halo 3's launch was supposed to coincide with the PS3 launch in a bid to draw attention away from their rival's console. Now that Gears of War is going to be out instead, does M$ see it as a replacement to Halo 3? Will Bungie continue to get huge funding and support from M$ if it doesn't meet expectations? The bar has been raised by Gears, and Halo might not be able to reach it. Brace yourself for some disappointment. Although, if Halo 3 DOES make it through, Sony is going to have a hard time fighting off both M$ and Nintendo.

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