1 Jul 2012

Haiyore! Nyarlko-san (Anime) Review

Haiyore! Nyarlko-san (2012)
Format: TV Series, 12 episodes
Studio: Xebec
Score: 3 stars

Asumi Kana and her character, Nyaruko, brings so much energy to this show. Without her, this would get boring really fast. The rapid-fire rate at which references to other anime and games are being thrown around made it a really enjoyable show at first, but it quickly wears out its welcome and degenerates into a rather boring harem anime. The overall plot is laughably bad too.

So why do I still give it 3 stars? Because it is still an enjoyable show to just sit back, switch off your mind, and watch. Much like Ben-to did before it, Haiyore! Nyarlko-san is smart with how it presents itself: it doesn't take itself too seriously, and is just there for a fun time.

p.s. Short reviews for shows that I don't have much to talk about!

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