10 Apr 2012

Acchi Kocchi 1

Azu-nyan, you have some serious competition... Miniwa Tsumiki is here to steal your crown! (or nekomimi)

The story revolves around a bunch of high school kids who... argh... it's useless to try and summarize a yonkoma adaptation. People were comparing this to the next Lucky Star, considering they both started as yonkoma manga and Tsumiki's uncanny likeness to Konata. For shows like this, you need a lovable cast of characters, and Acchi Kocchi seems to be doing well in that department so far. I guess it helps that they practically steal characters from other shows. A shy Konata (Lucky Star) + Azusa (K-ON!), a grown up and cheekier Hakase (Nichijou), and a nosebleed-prone Tsukasa (Lucky Star) make up the main 3 girls in the group. At least the steal from the best!

Undoubtedly, Tsumiki and Io are the stars of this show. Io's kindness and familiarity to the ultra-adorable Tsumiki is such a joy to watch, you feel your blood-sugar level go up by the minute. The creators definitely struck a goldmine with Tsumiki. She's what you get when you blend 99.9% purity moĆ©nium with weapon-grade kawaii. Oh, and she can pull off a Daigo too. See for yourself in the gallery below!

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