11 Apr 2012

Accel World, Fate/Zero, Tasogare Otome X Amnesia

I've finally burnt out after doing 5 posts in 5 days. There are a few more shows that I want to talk about, and then a bunch more in about a week when Hyouka and the Noitamina anime come out. But I can't see myself dedicating at least 30 minutes for each post, so I'll just do a short summary and a single screenshot. In this batch post, I'll cover Accel World, the second season of Fate/Zero, and Tasogare Otome X Amnesia. More to come!

Accel World
A loser meets the girl of his dreams and she gives him something that is probably illegal. Broken down to its essentials, a pretty girl is giving the fat unpopular guy "speed". But dress it up in some Sci Fi trappings and you get Accel World. While the art is nice, it reminds me of Kamisama no Memochou; pretty-looking, but ultimately life-less. Oh and I absolutely hate the male lead and how they designed him.

The animators spent that one season break polishing up this CG fest to very very high levels. However, the actual action was quite boring. Thank goodness we have Gilgamesh and Tokiomi providing a much needed verbal battle. This episode definitely made it feel that they didn't change much when they decided to split it to 2 season as it did almost nothing to re-introduce the characters and what was happening.

Tasogare Otome X Amnesia
After hearing some high praise about the manga and this first episode from a friend, I was disappointed to see how bad this introductory episode was put together. Nearly half the episode was just repeating the same content with an extra character in the frame. There are many ways they could have achieved the same effect without looking so cheap, like shortening the repeated part, changing angles to emphasize the difference, or simply patched it up with better background music or animation. The entire episode felt like an OVA that you would find in the limited edition 6th volume of the manga.

Note: Excuse me as I take some time to consume more new shows and hopefully come back with a trimmed down list. I'm still very determined to blog at least 1 series weekly.

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