9 Jan 2012

Winter 2012 Impressions (part 1)

Impressions for New Prince of Tennis, Recorder and Randsell, Kill Me Baby. More to come tomorrow!

New Prince of Tennis
Lots of camera slowly panning across several bishounen. Though its not that very heavy on the super saiyan stuff yet, it doesn't capture the feel of the starting of the original anime. Echizen is back from America (after a cheesy showing of his "skills" to get on a train) and already showing that he is gonna kick everyone's ass. I don't know how they plan to proceed from here, but I'm not interested in finding out.

Recorder and Randsell
A short 3-minute per episode comedy anime. It's wayyyy too short to develop or build up anything truly good. Seems like its going to rely on shallow gags like what we saw in the first episode, but it is funny enough. Will probably continue to watch and see if the humour improves.

Kill Me Baby
They seem to have packed in quite a lot of content for a comedy series and blend them together adequately. But oh god that OP! That high pitch off-key singing going on and on and on! It has me thinking "oh god please kill me now". Oh wait...

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