11 Nov 2011

Hatsune Miku Live Party @ AFA11

Arrived at 5.15pm and the redemption queue was already damn long... in the end I did not make it to the redemption counter, but was assured by Shawn Chin (Festival Director of AFA) that I would be able to do the redemption after the concert and suggested that I get in quickly. So I did. (video of the event at the end of the post)

The stage wasn't really that far actually. The concert venue was only one hall big but filled to the brim. They added more VIP and Standing tickets 2 days ago after the tickets sold out. I think I was roughly 10 layers of people away from the VIP area. Anyway, the concert was mostly awesome (bad speakers) despite the fact that I only knew 2 songs and barely recognised another. This concert was streamed live to several "Viewing Parties" around the world and also on NicoNico, so hopefully someone will rip them out and upload them somewhere. The final song was Melt and by then everyone was singing, jumping, and waving along. Maybe I'll get VIP tickets for one AFA concert next year...


Someone uploaded the Nico stream of the first song on Youtube already:

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