13 Nov 2011

AFA11 Day 1

And that's me with Vividblaze! First things first: For those who can't make it to AFA, be sure to check out NicoVideo's Live Streaming of the various events here. In particular, check out Day 2 of the main floor area here. Many cosplayers will be interviewed on the live stream while reading all the comments the audience are posting (about 4 second lag though).

Busy charging equipment and preparing for tomorrow, so hit the jump for photos of the event. Enjoy!

Was strangely amused by cheap mugi.

Mirai cosplay?

Danny clone with figma Mirai

Mirai Itasha

ToyCoin's Madoka Ichiban Ichikuji. Darren got PRIZE A, a Madoka nendo-like figure. And then he tried again and got... a mini Madoka figure. I got a Mami figure and 3 files (which look AWESOME BTW).

Giant Gundam statue

Love this photo... and this figure...

Awesome Penguindrum booth in the Artist Alley! Lucky dip for 2 badges and I got Sanetoshi. Asked Darren to do the 2nd dip for me and he got me HIMARI TRIPLE-H VERSION. He's on a roll today!

Me, Vividblaze, and an autographed copy of their sample CD

Kaname and USAGI spotted! Lucky us...

Yui Dolfie looks pretty damn good...

What happened to her tentacles?!

My favourite Dolfie! She even has the exclusive Miku 39 event key chain!

Darren with Saber Lily Dolfie (worth $4000)

The Milky Holmes girls at the Bushiroad event

Long queues for Maid and Butler cafes as usual

So many things happening all over the place all at once! We were very lucky to catch Kaname, USAGI, and Vividblaze while roaming around the Festival halls. Saito Chiwa seemed pretty nervous (her first time doing live dubbing) but did pretty well overall. Could have been even better if she did some Senjougahara Hitagi lines though! Anyway, really tiring day, gotta get some rest. I suspect I'll drop dead by the time I get home tomorrow...

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