15 Nov 2011

AFA11 Videos

Here's a bunch of videos I took during AFA Day 2. Sorry about the shakiness. The image stabilizer had some problems (random jumping flicker). Need to get it fixed!

KANAME and USAGI coming in

KANAME and USAGI posing for cameras

Team Singapore (part 1)

Team Singapore (part 2)

Team Thailand

Team Philippines

Cosplay Singles winners

KANAME throwing his cigarette into the audience

AKB48 Singapore Cafe girls

NicoNico booth

Nico Nico was doing an awesome live stream at their booth. A random Singaporean cosplayer ended up being the MC and did a pretty damn good job of it through the 2 days of broadcasting. As Nico commenters said, she was very "bro" and knew her anime well. She could even tell that a guy was the Pokemon Trainer from Pokemon Black/White version! And managed to coax a lot of cosplayers to sing/dance/pose for the camera. Apparently many Singaporean anime fans are not camera shy at all. LOL.

View the NicoNico streams here (account required).
View my YouTube AFA11 playlist here.

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