16 Nov 2011

AFA11 Loot

Shouldn't have spent so much but couldn't resist the temptations...

First up, some Madoka Ichiban Kuji stuff. Spent $24 for 2 tries.

Mami figure! About the same size as a nendo.

Madoka Plastic Files (3 designs). Love the black one (final episode scene) the most!

The Madoka and Homura files also look very good.

Meido Azu-nyan! $25

Been searching for this for quite a while. Could only find Yui, Ritsu, and Mio when I was in Hong Kong.

Didn't exactly buy this but wanted to show it off anyway. An autographed sample CD by Vividblaze!

Mawaru Penguindrum Survival Set! $10

Double H double-sided post card. Penguindrum is my favourite anime this season!

The other side of the post card. Same design as the train announcements from the anime.

The Mysterious Sanetoshi badge

Himari Triple-H version badge! Awesome! Since the badges were based on a random dip, I had Darren do it for me since he seemed to be really lucky that day (he got TWO Madoka at the Madoka Ichiban Kuji, one of which was the Prize A).

Kiga Apple sticker holding the rolled-up poster.

Himari/Princess of the Crystal poster!

Goes right beside the NGE doujin poster :)

The bag containing all that Penguindrum goodness.

Other side of bag.

The doujin group that designed/drew and put together this package.

I love the attention to details in this entire package! Definitely made FOR fans, BY fans. For just $10, this set was totally worth it. My only regret is not getting another one to get the other poster (entire cast in chibi form).

Some cosplayers who appeared on the Nico stream bought like 4 or 5 sets of these to give to the staff as a token of their appreciation! Aww...

Final purchase (one-and-only purchase of day 2): Haruhi WS Extra Pack Booster Box. $46. Now I'm 10 foils and 3 non-foils away from completing the collection, but I have a lot of non-foil repeats...

Total Damage: $24(Madoka) + $25(Azusa) + $10(Peguindrum) + $46(Haruhi) + $18(Day 1 ticket) = $123

That's not considering the Hatsune Miku concert ticket ($51) that I received from a friend as a gift and the free Day 2 ticket that came along with it! My aim next year is to cut my expenditure down to $20 - $60 for non-figurine stuff. I'll be cutting down on figurine pre-orders next year as well, instead buying them at discounted rates (hopefully) at next year's AFA. AND I might go for a VIP concert ticket. Looks like total damage will still continue to rise...

That's it for this year's AFA coverage I think. I hope you enjoyed my posts as much as I enjoyed writing and posting them! Suffering from Post AFA Withdrawal symptoms now...

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