7 Jun 2011

E3 2011: Sony Press Conference

Didn't watch this live as I was at work, so I'll just have to read (and watch) whatever I can find from my usual sources. Impressions below, in point form because I am lazy and want to take a nap before Nintendo's press conference.

  • Sony starts off by apologizing for the PSN outage. Nice to see them admitting mistakes. And also nice to see that they can move on.
  • Arguably the PS3's most important franchise, Uncharted 3, is shown in demo form. Didn't get to watch it, but expected more Nolan North, great looking environments, and exciting set pieces. The thing that differentiates this and stuff like MW3 is the lovable characters and quality of the dialogue.
  • Resistance 3. Yawn.
  • PS2's Ico and Shadow of the Colossus, as well as PSP versions of God of War are being HD-ed and 3D-ed for the PS3. Excited for Ico and SotC collection!
  • Sony's shows off the breadth of its business by announcing a 24-inch PlayStation-branded 3D TV, 2 3D glasses, HDMI, and copy of Resistance 3, for US$499.
  • NBA 2k11 and Medieval Moves to support the Move? Sony doesn't seem to understand it's audience. Just look at what MS did with Kinect this year for better examples. inFamous 2 demo and LBP2 Move support were both Meh as well.
  • Sly Cooper is returning in Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time. Title sounds vaguely familiar... Ah well. It's a classic franchise that I've never felt compelled to try. Might take a look if my friend buys it.
  • CCP's Dust 514 is coming exclusively to the PS3. Doesn't make financial sense, but whatever. These are the EVE Online guys, so I guess they can make a really good game for a niche community. I'll try it if there are no monthly fees.
  • Staring-into-space guy, Ken Levine, takes the stage to show Bioshock Infinite and.... announce a NGP Bioshock game. The NGP's name (PS Vita) wasn't announced yet at this point. Absolutely no info on that NGP game, but at least we should sleep soundly knowing that Irrational is working on it.
  • A bunch of THQ and EA stuff was shown/talked about on stage. "Exclusives" aplenty, the most interesting of which was the free Battlefield 1943 for every copy of Battlefield 3.
  • Kaz came up on stage for the main announcement. PlayStation Vita (PSV?), US$249 for Wifi-only, US$299 for 3G version.
  • Sony shows off Ruin, an action RPG kinda like Torchlight. Will have community features and co-op! Shared data between PS3 and PSV. Sounds like the game that could sell me the PSV...
  • Also shown on PSV: Uncharted, Modnation Racers, LBP, Street Fighter X Tekken.
Sony's conference not much better than MS. Considering I have much more vested interest in Sony, this isn't a good thing. MS did well by showing quite a lot of Kinect games that look like they play well. Sony on the other hand just seems to be stuffing Move support into games. NBA 2k11 with Move? -__-"

Off to take a 1 hour 15 minute nap before Nintendo's presser!

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