10 Dec 2010

Toy Carnival: Gurren Lagann!

Went down to Toy Carnival @ Singapore Arts Museum last Sunday (5th Dec). Was a last minute decision to go there because I was bored ^.^;

Anyway, saw a "cheap" Revoltech Gurren Lagann on sale there. Only $30! And the joints seem really well concealed. So I bought it.

Revoltech's unique joint system actually makes it much better for posing than figma's. A joint with 2 stubs sticking out that can be rotated (as illustrated on the above box cover).

The posability displayed on the back of the box looks really promising!

A bunch of stuff hidden inside the box.

The stand. Kind of weird, since I didn't see any hole at the back of the figure with which this could attach to.

An interesting freebie: Mini Assemble Borg. Supposed to be the mini version of a highly customizable line of figures. Unfortunately...

I broke the leg ='( The only joints that we adjustable we the shoulder joints. The rest were just for show, since this is just a miniature version of what they hope to sell.

Quite a lot of stuff for a $30 figure! The tiny Lagann (or is that Gurren? I forgot!) even has extra facial expressions and arms! Though the details and paint job on it was a little shady...

In fact, the main figure's paint job was a little shady too. Specks of gray paint is visible on the groin guard and feet. Some areas had uneven paint, but overall I love the glossiness of the red and matte-ness of the black/gray.

Sunglasses for Gurren, Drill for Lagann (for the head-drill combination), and a bunch of extra hands.

While the Revoltech joint is great at getting a pose and keeping it, it's not as flexible as a ball joint figma. Same reason why people pay more for a ball-jointed tripod. It's just so much easier to manipulate. Moreover, rotation can only be done in one plane due to having a stub on both ends, so you must exercise caution when trying to rotate it.

Overall, this Revoltech figure does a good job in hiding the joints and picking the colouring. However, the paint was not applied well and I personally don't really like the Revoltech joint system. Still a good buy though, for $30 (compared to figmas which average $45).

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