9 Jul 2010

Shufuku no Campanella (Anime) Impressions

Shufuku no Campanella (2010)
Format: TV Series, 13 X 22 minutes
Studio: AIC
Potential: 1-2 stars
Summary: Another visual novel, another AIC production. The plot seems more interesting than Amagami, but the characters... go into moe mode too often. Tries to be funny, tries to be moe, but fails on all counts. Definitely not my type of anime.

A man with his harem of magicians (and his mother) stumbles upon a girl who fell from the sky in a shooting star. The girl wakes up and mistakes him as her father. (WTH)

What happened to AIC? The past few season have brought us unexpectedly good stuff from AIC, namely Nyan Koi and Working!. Sure, those aren't top rate stuff, but they are still very enjoyable to watch. Both Campanella and Amagami on the other hand, just come off as plain boring. At this point, they seem to be churning out cookie cutter anime, perhaps because of the higher workload? Anyway, what I've said about Amagami more or less applies to Campanella too. AIC disappoints this season.

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