10 Jul 2010

Kuroshitsuji II (Anime) Impressions

Kuroshitsuji II (2010)
Format: TV Series, 13 X 22 minutes
Studio: A-1 Pictures
Potential: 2 stars (4 stars if you like Bishounen-type anime)
Summary: Actually pretty good. The characters are nicely drawn. The plot is rather intriguing (and disturbing). However, it just isn't my type of anime. Bishounen fans, however, will feel right at home.

Well, the promotion for this show was all a fluke. Black Butler Sebastian Michaelis and his young master Ciel Phantomhive are back from the first season, despite promotional materials suggesting otherwise. While it's a nice twist (similar, although not as drastic as, a series that aired last year that killed off it's entire cast in the 1st episode) I can't help but feel that the story in this first episode seems much more interesting than the stuff that is being shown in the preview for episode 2. Dark and gloomy in its atmosphere, Kuroshitsuji II wasted no time in showing us how cruel, twisted, and plain disturbing it could be. All this atmosphere seems to be demolished with the episode preview. Oh well. I will have to watch more in order to make a more informed... opinion of this series.

Animation wise, we have A-1 Pictures continuing their work from the 1st season. The director however, has been changed, though I don't expect that to impact this series much. The thing is, A-1 Pictures is also currently animating Occult Academy (impressions in a few days, but in short, it's quite good!) and Welcome to THE SPACE SHOW (movie releasing this year). Both of those shows are going to completely overshadow Kuroshitsuji, so I suppose A-1 Pictures would do the most logical thing and focus their talents on the more important shows. It's nice to see they have enough talents to spread out a bit though.

In the end, I don't think I will follow this show. I did not watch the first season, and honestly, the preview for the next episode sort of destroyed most of the good parts of this episode. Well, I'm sure their fans will be satisfied.

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