19 Jul 2010

Azusa Nakano (Nendoroid): Azu-nyan~!

Almost missed the postman. Saw them below my block just as I was about to leave for school. More photos inside!

Cheapest packaging available, but still sturdy. Paid 280 yen for shipping (after 50% promotional discount).

The many faces of Azusa.
Proof that this is the original. As far as I know, all K-ON figma and nendoroids have this sticker.

2 extra faces, 2 extra pairs of arms, 1 extra leg (with joint), Azu-nyan #2 (the cat), Azusa's red Mustang guitar, guitar strap, monitor speaker, and nekomimi  ^-_-^

And here's Azusa! Aww~

It took me a while to realise I had the nekomimi on backwards!

What's this?? K-k-konata-chan?!

And the shock made her grow some nekomimi (put it on the right way this time!)

The built is very very good. I was unsure why people would buy nendoroids over figmas, but now I know. The quality of the joints are quite different. Owing to it's chibi nature, certain parts are larger and snap together easily, whereas the figmas have smaller parts that tend to have a little excess plastic or don't fit that well because of the small hole. Will definitely get more nendoroids in the future (going to be broke very soon).

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