13 Jul 2008

Movie Review by Ame (Part 2)

Moving on from the Parental Guidance category to the restricted age category, lets look at what we have in the movies showing now:

Rated NC16:

You Don't Mess With The Zohan - This is a downright hilarious movie, which if one loves the crude and sexual humor that is sprinkled throughout the entire time, this is THE movie of the year! I fell apart laughing at the character Zohan played by Adam Sandler, who slips into his character so well that you can almost feel his sincerity of "making ze hair smooth and shiny" as the Zohan would put it. A downright sexual comedy, it is only best enjoyed when one needs a good laugh and does not put much into the nonexistent plot of the storyline. In other words, entertainment value: Maximum; artistic value: Zilch. This is Adam Sandler in his natural form..

Wanted - Looking for something with blood, gore, and the frenzied excitement of action movies? Wanted, with its computer-generated special effects truly instigates my fascination. Moving off describing the dreary life of accounts manager Wesley who is basically bullied by everyone he knows, the story comes to life when Fox (Angelina Jolie) comes to his rescue in the drugstore, from Cross, a man that they claimed betrayed The Fraternity, their gang of assasins. After a series of dramatic training sessions, Wesley is trained to use what he thought was an illness but was in actual fact the special ability to move 300 times faster than the usual human to perform incredible feats. Going after Cross with single-minded determination, when Wesley finally does kill Cross, the bleak truth is revealed. (Warning: DO NOT READ ON IF YOU WANT TO WATCH THE MOVIE) Cross is actually Wesley's father, and everything the fraternity has told him is one huge lie. The only reason why they bothered to train him so well was because he was the one person that Cross would never kill! When the mastermind Sloan (head of the fratinity) behind the whole ensnarement is revealed, three guesses as to what Wesley did. Although the movie starts off looking dowdy, have patience and stay on during the movie for the rising climax that would be unforgettable.

Rated M18:

Sex and the City - This is basically about the lives of four women and their lasting friendships through the roller coaster rides of their romantic relationship(s). I could not seem to find more information about the movie itself, but I was recommended to watch it by my sister, who hints strongly that the never-before-displayed-in-an-M18-movie male organ has been splashed out on the big screen! Excited and anxious (just joking) as I was to catch a glimpse of that rare phenomenon, there just was not enough time to slot in the movie in my packed schedule. However, personally, this movie trailer does not seem the least bit interesting, and I do not get the big exclamation by everyone over the release of the movie. Perhaps though, I am just clueless as to the girly world of the females out there ( I AM female, although not typically so..intepret that to what you think it means :) ). Then again, there is also that possibility that I am merely having a case of sour grapes to have missed this movie. Judge it for yourself when you grab that ticket to the movie. Don't forget to send an invitation ^^

Rated R21:

To speak about R21 movies is my greatest desire, alas, with a heavy heart I bid thee section farewell, for it is truly saddening that I have to declare that I can neither sneak in nor break the rules of the government, for I am not of age to gain entry into the glorious movies meant for only the mature adults. Hence, till one is able to gain access into these movies, one will leave this section alone for now. I am sorry for any disappointment caused.. (but of course, if you do have any R21 movies provided for my entertainment in any form, I would certainly have no objections ;) [disclaimer: this is just a joke and should not be taken seriously in any way])

Upcoming shows:

Watch out for more on this column when one comes back from a busy and hectic week to write about the blazing action raging over the fires from hell (Hellboy II: Rise of the Golden Army), the tall, dark and mysterious (notice I don't say handsome?) stranger with the bat cloak (The Dark Knight), and the dance of doom (Prom Night). Stay tuned, and hope you liked this week's review!

PS: Any shortcomings to this part 2 is met with sincere apologies from the author, Ame, for she has not had sufficient time to complete this to her satisfaction. She will do better next time!

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