4 Jan 2007

Wii Report 6: For Gamescorers

Here's a quick recap of what you should expect for the local Wii launch.
  1. From what I've heard, Gamescore seems to be the only ones taking preorders for the local Wii. However, things should change once a local release date is set by Maxsoft.
  2. Some games and accessories are already available for purchase at Gamescore.
  3. We will be receiving the US version of the Wii, with the power adapter changed to suit our country's voltage. However, it is uncertain whether we would be getting Wii sports as part of the package.
  4. Current rumours state that the Wii would cost sub S$500 (probably S$499) with one or two games (read Wii Report 4: Local Info part 2) which may or may not include Wii sports. The other game is said to be "not bad"(it won't be Happy Feet) and would probably be from Activision, Atari or Atlus.
  5. Rumour says we would have more information released to us by Maxsoft on 7th Jan and most probable release date for the Wii would be from late Jan to Feb (15 Jan to 28 Feb).
That's probably all you need to know about the local Wii launch. Feel free to ask me questions thru the tagboard or, even better, join the Wii community at Gamescore's forum!

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