4 Jun 2013

TVM anniversary

So... TVM has entered it's 4th year. Blog viewership certainly had its ups and downs. The relaunch of my blog as The Visual Medium was sparked by my urge to break out of just blogging about games and technology. This urge did not just suddenly out of nowhere though. It was FLCL (which I reviewed exactly 3 years ago) that made me see anime in a different light. I was finally cared about the people behind it: the voices, the animators, the directors. This level of obsession with anime became on-par with my gaming obsession (retro games, music and story in games, gaming technology, etc...), so why not blog about it too? Here I am 3 years later, having attended numerous anime conventions and events, and just recently coming back from what was almost a perfect otaku's dream trip to Japan.

Thanks to my blog readers. As long as there is one of you out there, I'll continue to write. My passion for anime and gaming has only grown in the last few years, and will continue to grow.

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