29 Jun 2013

Anime Weekly 26/06/13 (?)

I've been mostly away from my home computer due to riajuu stuff. Next week will probably be a short one as I get busier... Anime Weekly will most likely take a break until end of July after that as I wait for all the new shows to enter their 2nd week. In the meantime, I will hopefully find some time to write reviews...

Anyway, on to this week's shows!

I take back some of what I've said about Suisei no Gargantia. Urobuchi is at his best when he starts to use cold, hard logic to argue against emotions and moral values. I enjoyed watching the fight and how everything started to come together. Since this is an original story, there has been some speculation as to how it would end. One clue we have is that Gargantia would survive in one form or another, since they held a competition  for Gargantia ship crew character designs. My guess? Lots of damage to the ship, a lot of casualties, but they still survive. Time skip at the end to see a new, thriving Gargantia (hence the new crew).

Oregairu had a weird week... showing that they never had much budget to work with. The concert animation was downright laughable! A bunch of 4-frame animated gifs, pan from right to left, quick cuts, horizontally-flipped shots, repeat and reuse everything to death. Arghhh. This is the last story/plot-relevant episode and they do this? At least the writing was not bad.

Hataraku Maou-sama finally regained its comedy this episode and had a good fight to boot! I'll probably write more about this show in a review, so look forward to that!

Henneko's new arc is getting better as we start to see the writer's intentions here. More backstory, more character intentions revealed, and 2 times the Tsukiko! Oh man, both Tsukikos are just unbearably cute this week! 萌えすぎる!

Oreimo gets so horrible this week, its hard to watch! OK, I thoroughly enjoyed seeing the whole harem at the party. It really sounds like all the seiyuu had lots of fun with that recording session, going back and forth and interacting with each other. HOWEVER, a quick montage and then suddenly Ayase is confessing. Seriously, what the hell is wrong with the producers, director, writer, everyone involved?!

Despite this week's dere-Mikasa, I'm not too sure what I think about Shingeki no Kyojin's pacing. This week deals entirely with the aftermath of Eren losing control of the titan. He literally just sits there for most of the episode! I don't really enjoy the drama that they try to cook up in that flashback. Spent most of the time wishing they would just move on with the story. I think this is a series that I would enjoy best in a binge instead of following it weekly. Oh well, perhaps next season I'll just follow it monthly or something...

Oh god, Aku no Hana just spent the last few minutes fixated on Nakamura's room door. That build-up, that tension, was so damn perfect! I held my breath, my heart was racing, and then suddenly, ED music starts! I definitely jumped in my seat when that happened... I think the end of this episode is only second to the first episode's ending. Things are looking pretty good for the conclusion!

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