28 Dec 2012

Anime of 2012: OP/ED and Music (part 1)

Thus starts our annual reflection on the year in anime! I'll be listing some of my favourite anime OP, ED, and music. Since there are a lot of embedded videos, I've split the post into 4 parts.


Nisemonogatari OP2, ED
Shaft never fails to amaze me with their OP and ED. OP2 has an interesting animation style take makes the coloured smoke look like some kind of cell-shaded CG? It's a really nice and sharp-looking opening. The ED on the other hand harkens back to the Bakemonogatari ED and the style of artist Hajime Ueda. Putting ClariS in a song written by ryo (from supercell) is a recipe for success in my books.

Rinne no Lagrange ED
Simple animation, nice song. I have a soft spot for songs like this...

Ano Natsu de Matteru ED
Yanagi Nagi on vocals.

Thermae Romae ED
Interesting and appropriate visuals, awesome song by Chatmonchy, for a minimal animation flash anime?! Loved the song and listened to it a lot this year!

Uchuu Kyoudai OP
Perfectly embodies the feel of the series. FEEL SO MOOOOON~!

Part 2 can here found here.

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