3 Jul 2012

Acchi Kocchi (Anime) Review

Acchi Kocchi (2012)
Format: TV Series, 12 episodes
Studio: AIC
Score: 3 stars

I'm not gonna lie; This show is all about Tsumiki and Io. Every moment these 2 spend together brings up a stupid grin on my face. Tsumiki is so adorable, and Io is so sweet! The writers also do a good job of keeping things fresh every week, coming up with new ways for Tsumiki to be embarrassed and Hime to nosebleed.

But the same can't be said for the jokes. Typically, slice-of-life series are full of puns and mildly funny jokes, which I guess kind of reflects real life..? Here, however, the puns are really forced and too frequent. Jokes revolving around Sakaki and Mayoi are rarely funny.

This is where my review ratings fall apart. As a fan of the main couple and all the lovey-dovey moments they bump into, I should be giving this 4 stars because its damn near perfect. But nearly half the show is filled with jokes that fall flat, jokes that are only 2-stars-worthy. The description for 3 stars doesn't really describe this show correctly either, since it is definitely memorable and I would probably re-watch many specific parts. But I have to give it a score, so it lands in the 3 star category. I should be reworking the rating system after this round of seasonal reviews.

Darren's add-on:
As per what Victor mention earlier, some of the jokes are flat. Scenes revolving around Mayoi are irritating. And, they have left the 3 side characters aside most of the time. Saki Sakimori, Kana Miyama and Kyoya Saibara deserve more screen time! I would love to see how Saibara and Sakimori get together, and more cute moments with Kana, Tsumiki and Hime.

(I'm huge fan of Kana, and was urging Victor to include her picture in this post. Since he didn't, I did! Kana fans rejoice!)

Ultimately, the director did not have a concrete ending (did Io and Tsumiki end up getting together?), and this really left the show in a half-done status. Episode 12 did not pick up from what they started in episode 11, which leaves me unsatisfied. (They did hint during the preview of ep12 that it will be on chocolate making and Valentines Day, so it is kind of expected).

Overall, this show is loaded with adorable characters (excluding Mayoi). However, the re-watch value wasn't that great for some episodes. The lovey dovey scene between Tsumiki and Io are scripted and animated to my taste, especially in episode 11 when both of them blushed so intensively! With that, I give the series 3 stars, and I believe most of you will enjoy it.

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