8 Apr 2012

Lupin the Third: Mine Fujiko to Iu Onna 1

So, the classic Lupin the third series returns after a 27-year absence. Old classics like these sometimes need a little re-invention to keep things fresh and update it for a new audience. Director Yamamoto Sayo retains most of the visual styling of this classic, but added her own flavour to it too.

This series focuses on Mine Fujiko, the sexy thief that bumps into Lupin frequently in the old shows. I don't know much about the old shows, but from bits of it that I've seen over the years, this new series is much sexier and geared towards an older audience. Mine Fujiko is on a mission to still the source of a drug that a cult uses to lure in followers. Sell it to the black market and she'll get rich fast. Along the way though, she discovers that Lupin is also eyeing this prize. Of course, no honorable thief of their calibre would work together and split the profits, so Lupin challenges Fujiko to see who can manage to steal the drug the fastest. In the end, through all that mess and the police involvement, no one gets the prize; the drug dissolves in the sea.

First off, this isn't a show for kids. Mine Fujiko gets topless within the first few seconds of the show, and stays like that for half the duration. She's sexy and she's not afraid to use that to her advantage. The pacing of this episode is brisk, moving from one plot point to another, never really slowing down. The characters play off each other very well, especially the main thief duo. Props to Sawashiro Miyuki for doing such an awesome Mine Fujiko! As mentioned at the start of this post, the visuals are old school and would likely turn a lot of people off, but I urge you to give it a chance. Seeing it in motion takes it to a whole different dimension, with lots of movement and grand effects, much similar to the director's previous work Michiko to Hatchin and the animation director's (Koike Takeshi's) Redline. Not to mention music producer Watanabe Shinichiro and series composition by Okada Mari, this is surely a creative tour-de-force to be reckoned with. Highly recommended for those seeking more in their anime.

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