28 Sep 2011

K-ON!! Live ~Come With Me~

In February 2011, the K-ON! seiyuus put on their 2nd concert at the Saitama Super Arena to an audience of 37,000 fans.

Amazing how many fans there are even after the anime finished its entire 2 season run. Will probably have the same the lasting impact that Haruhi had in anime fandom.

For some reason, their first costume reminds me of the Beetles during their Sgt Pepper's era ^_^"

Loved the lighting! Seems like those glowing orbs were specifically placed there for "Listen".

Except for Aki and HiYo's character songs, the rest were rather meh. Aya-chin was looking at the monitor every 5 to 10 seconds... seems like she either can't remember her lyrics or is very very nervous! Her performance was much better than the first K-ON! concert though. Of course, no K-ON! concert can go without Mio's signature "Moe Moe Kyun", which HiYo performs to much cheering.

K-ON! director appears on stage to give some hints about the movie. December 3rd! This means there is NO WAY it will be screened at AFA this year =(

A change of costumes and stage location. This time, they play in the middle of the concert arena. The recording of the concert for this section was fantastic. Up close shots that makes you feel like you are in the sea of audience.

Oddly enough, the Death Devil performance probably had the highest budget for a single song. Great lighting, fans, and pyrotechnics. And the guy who edited the video went crazy with the cuts and blur effects too. It's also this song that made me start following seiyuu Asakawa Yuu (she tweets in English like Utada Hikaru!).

Asakawa Yuu and Hikasa Yoko are close friends, as shown here in the playful push Yuu gave to HiYo just before their "real" performance.

They learned and played 2 new songs! They are OBVIOUSLY much better now! Especially Aya-chin, who gets her own guitar solo. She didn't do too well during the first concert, so this is a huge improvement. Actually, all of them improved a lot too. I don't think I spotted any mistakes, and Aki is playing with much more confidence now.

And it isn't a K-ON! concert without HiYo's てへぺろ =P . She actually won an award for that. I'm serious! It was awarded Best Catchphrase of 2010 at the Seiyuu Awards. Why is it HiYo is always the one with signature catch-phrases?!

HiYo becomes emotional in the middle of "Utauyo!! Miracle" as the audience sang along. "だいすき, だいすき, だいすきをありがとう!"

The usual round of waterworks as the performers say their thanks. This time round the amount of tears was reduced though. Not as bad as Aya-chin and HiYo's waterfalls in the first concert. All said and done, it's nothing a hug and playful whack in the butt won't cure ;)

They end off with "Come With Me". Quite a nice song, but doesn't have the same energy as the last concert's "Let's Go!". Overall, this concert is still better than the first due to better playing, more songs, Asakawa Yuu, better stage, and great quality recording. I'll leave you with some images from the behind-the-scenes video!

Aki-chan: "Hikasa!"

Aya-chin: "Yahoi!" 

 Mina-chan: "dokidoki desu~"

 HiYo-chan: "heddo sekai...? heddo suupaa...? heddo setto!"

Sato-chan: "Ahhh~!" 

Aki-chan: "Kira~*" 

Aya-chin: "hazukashii ze~" 

HiYo-chan: "torori maaburu~" 

Aya-chin: "dekimashita!"