8 Aug 2011

Nichijou - 19

Nichijou is always chocked full of weirdness. Whether or not that weirdness translates to good humour is another matter. This episode, it did things right, and damn was it funny! Right off the bat a Helvetica Standard segment done in a somewhat American comic style. The joke here plays on a scene in episode 17 when Mai was trolling Yuuko. Not bad, good for a chuckle, and doesn't overstay its welcome.

Every episode there are short, realistically drawn segments that look like it was taken from a off-focused camera sitting on the streets. This time round it's from inside a vending machine. I like how these segments are drawn, but seriously, KyoAni wastes talent on the most mundane or irrelevant scenes ever!

Yuuko coaching Mio at the high jump was hilarious in its own right (slow, dramatic montage, and then a twist at the end), but like many other scenes in Nichijou, it overstays its welcome. Meh. Come on KyoAni!

Hakase and Nano are always so cute and huggable! Their little "same" (shark) dance gets me every single time ^.^

Yuuko, Mio, and Mai's worst day ever. This skit was a gem! This is probably the first time we see Mai getting trolled. Who else could possibly troll Mai, the troll master, but God himself? I found myself laughing from the moment Yuuko tried to throw a coin into the donation box. LOL!

Man I wished Nichijou could be this awesome every week, but alas, the type of humour it goes for can't sustain itself like that. Conversely, BakaTest is turning out to be a really consistent comedy series with great visual style. With these 2 shows running concurrently, I get one to cheer me up at the end of a week, and another to fight off the Monday Blues.

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