1 Dec 2010

Nakano Azusa (figma)

I have the whole K-ON band (all 5!), Black Rock Shooter, Nagato Yuki (movie version) and Saber (super movable edition) all waiting to be opened, but I decided to do Azu-nyan first! ^_^

The box came slightly disfigured (from Kurocha) but everything inside was fine.

This figma comes with 2 extra faces, 4 pairs of extra hands, a pair of extra shoes, a guitar (Fender Mustang), nekomimi, guitar case, and some guitar straps.

Quite a nice variety of hands actually. She can play 2 different cords!

As you can see, I had a lot of fun playing around with the f/2.0 aperture and 1cm macro on my new Lumix LX5. lol... The details on the guitar here is not bad, but it would have been nice if it had strings (though that might be damaged easily).

The guitar case was quite cool too! BUT! For some weird reason, they left parts of it open. Perhaps I could squeeze the guitar inside..?

The shoes were changeable, so the first thing I did was to change Azusa into her indoor school shoes.

I quite like this pose for some reason. Was just messing around with the arms and it end up looking quite natural.

Getting ready to create another portal? (hint: FLCL reference)

I know I know, this is Yui senpai's season 2 OP pose, but I couldn't resist making Azu-nyan the lead here!



 And Azu-nyan #2!

All 3 azu-nyans in one photo!

A slightly wider shot to show you how I set it up. Might get more di:stage bases to create bigger sets.

Overall, quite satisfied with this figma. All figmas seem to have weird legs that take some getting used to in order to get the poses you want though.

My figma/nendo/revoltech collection starting to get big. Better clear more space so that I can open up more!

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