29 Aug 2010

di:stage basic (clear)

Finally got my hands on a clear basic di:stage set. These have been sold out for about 6 months now I think...

The most important parts in this set would be the stage itself (several holes of 2 different types to place various stands) and the claw-like stand (pictured above). The claw hands could be used in conjunction with the standard stand to achieve gravity-defying poses with your figma.

Konata is going figma shopping, just like me ^.^

Speaking of which, I actually have Mio and Tsumugi figmas on hand right now. Ritsu, Yui and another copy of Tsumugi (don't ask -__-") should arrive in the coming months, before November. I'm considering selling some, if not all, of them. They don't look that great and I don't want to choke up my collection with a whole bunch of plain school girls >_< . They only reason I would keep the K-ON girls would be for their instruments and other accessories. So maybe I'll keep Ritsu and Mio/Azusa?

Oh and my Black Rock Shooter figma is on a plane to Singapore right now. It looks AWESOME.

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