21 Nov 2008

Eternal Sonata

I've read up a little on the PS3 version of the game Eternal Sonata that Vic mentioned in the previous post awhile ago, so here's a couple reviews by IGN and Gamespot:

IGN review
Gamespot review

Basically, after doing a tiny google search on the game, i do salivate at the thought of playing the game. The way it is described, what with captivating graphics, thought-provoking storyline, and beautiful music, the whole package seems too good to believe. I can't wait till I own a PS3 (which might not even happen in the near future..) In the meantime, I shall read up on more games and such, to see if there are any understated PC games that should be recommended. After all, without a console, it's rather difficult to fully describe nor capture the essence of any game unless you yourself have experienced the gameplay. On a personal scale, I'm waiting for Tomb Raider to be launched..

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