16 Apr 2007


Cages, in case you don't know, is a film based on the popular hobby of retired coffeeshop-lurking uncles (Singing Birds) and was shot entirely in Singapore. Shooting took place in 2005 but, due to the numerous competitions it took part in, it had a limited release in Singapore in 2007.

From Wikipedia:
Cages is a 2005 film which tells the story of a single mother named Ali Tan (Tan Kheng Hua) attempt to escape repeated bad releationships which puts her before the man she resents the most- her father, Tan (Mako Iwamatsu). The truth is not always easy to face when her father reveals a dark secret 20 years past; a past that may cost a lifetime of relationship.

Tan Kheng Hua plays her role beautifully! Dickson Tan (playing the blind son of Kheng Hua's character and who is blind in real life too) simply strikes the right cords with the audience in his heart-warming role of a blind boy trying to live a normal life. The other 2 main characters, Tan and Liz, however, seem to be a little out of place. Mako, who plays Tan, is a Hollywood actor who typically plays the role of wise old Asian men. His performance here seems to be a little out of place. Same goes to Zelda Rubenstein who plays Liz the shop manager. Maybe it's because they are not Singaporean?

While Director and Writer Graham Streeter may not be Singaporean (and maybe because of that), he managed to capture Singapore on HD video like we have never seen it before. Ang Mo Kio and Tiong Bahru never looked this beautiful! One scene stood out from the rest though... As the camera pans across the rows of birdcages in a small backalley, I couldn't help but grin. :)

Rating: 4/5

A grin for those who love good cinematography, and a tear for those who love emotional, heart-warming stories.

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