10 Sep 2006

Recounting the dreams... (Singapore Dreaming)

Go read the movie review by movieXclusive.

Must watch!
It's one of the best movies I've seen this year and definitely the best local production so far with a PG rating. I can't help but compare Director Colin Goh's work with Jack Neo's. Colin is like... a grown up, more matured version of Jack Neo. Singapore Dreaming comes across as a completely Singaporean movie that encompasses almost everything that makes a Singaporean Singaporean. It's subtle and yet daring in its shockingly accurate portrayal of typical Singaporeans. During the scene where C.K. was talking to a Chinese girl, my friend exclaimed "Eh! His chinese sounds exactly like yours!" And I was arguing with my friend that the use of black and yellow in certain scenes were definitely not accidental.
Watch it yourself to find out what I'm talking about :)

Score: 4/5

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